Weight Loss Tips


Don’t overdo carbohydrates.

. Most people new to cycling think they have to consume energy bars and drinks to keep up sufficient energy. The truth is unless you are cycling for more than two hours with reasonable intensity you don’t need extra bicarbs, they will only end up as fat

• Eliminate Wheat products.

This is a biggie, may top athletes have found that eliminating or cutting down on bread, pasta and other wheat products and eating more rice, fruit and vegetables produces a leaner body.
• If you have a food product you find hard to resist overindulging on,remove it from your cupboard.
• Snack on nuts,seeds or dried fruit instead of muesli bars and biscuits.
• If consuming energy bars choose 100 to 200 calorie products or cut the bar in smaller portions. Most bars contain too many calories. They are good for athletes but not for regular exercise.

Try to eliminate processed foods.

Packaged foods usually contain sugar causing an insulin spike. This disrupts the hormone that controls hunger. You crave more sugars they are converted to fat, you crave more sugar. The hormone that converts the fat back to energy is disrupted, so you continually seek more carbohydrates.

Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.


Eat good fats such as avocado and coconut oil.

avocado and weight loss

• Have a decent breakfast

. Eggs are ideal. Packaged cereals are full of sugar. A good breakfast means you are less likely to overeat snacks before your next meal.
• If you have a tendency to binge on food, eat regular small snacks during the day.
• Find out what your emotional triggers for overeating are. If its when you’re unhappy try an activity that is fun instead.

Monitor your food intake.

Use a food diary or app such as “lose it”to keep a track of your calories.
• Eat smaller meal portions. Buy some smaller dinner plates. Stop eating when you’re satisfied.
• If you slip up one day and over consume, don’t beat yourself up,start afresh the next day.
• Eliminate soft drinks, they contain huge amounts of sugar.
• If consuming alcohol mixed with soft drink, eliminate the soft drink and use ice water.
• Cut down on cheese.

• Weigh yourself each week


Weigh yourself at the same time each week. People who regularly monitor their weight are better at controlling it.
• Watching TV isn’t good for your weight loss. There is a direct correlation between hours of TV watched and obesity. Try an activity like riding an exercise bike while watching TV.

• Ride with friends

Ride with your friends and plan regular rides in your diary, you will be more likely to keep up regular activity.

Here’s a short video on Weight Loss Tips that may help you.

The People’s Chemist 18-min-workout this is a great way to help get in shape with just 18 minutes three times a week.