About Me


I’ve been passionate about cycling and health and fitness for a number of years.

I am a qualified Pharmacist and also have training in Nutrition and Natural Health care.

I have been active in many sports over the years including surfing, Rugby, athletics, squash, hiking, martial arts and cycling.

Training and Nutrition are two of my great interest areas. For the last ten years cycling has taken first place in my sporting activities,even my fishing trips have declined. I started cycling later in life when my weight had slowly increased to the stage I weighed in at 100 kg. Within a couple of years by cycling regularly my weight was down to 85kg and has stayed at that level. With that my cholesterol and blood pressure returned to normal levels.

I follow training methods and nutrition trends and how these impact on performance.

I have to site cycletrainingplans.com where you can get great information especially for beginners on cycle training, nutrition and other related topics. You can contact me bruce@biketoloseweight.com

I call my home Sandspit new Zealand.

Bruce Fleming.